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Protect Your Pets Against the Cold

As cooler weather sets in, it's important to protect your pets from the elements. If it's too cold outside for you, then it's likely too cold for your four-legged friends.


Help protect your pets from cold weather, wind, snow, and ice with these simple tips:

  • Let Dogs Keep their Coat: It's important not to shave your dog down to the skin since a longer coat will help keep them warm.

  • Sweaters and Coats: Short-haired dogs can benefit from wearing a sweater or coat when outside.

  • Keep Pets Sheltered: Be sure to provide shelter for pets during cold weather. If a dog must stay outside, make sure they have a warm dog house packed with fresh wood shavings, straw, or dry towels. Heated cat shelters and dog beds can be purchased online to provide warmth and protection inside or outside.

  • Protect Outdoor Animals: Outdoor animals, like horses, need a warm place to take shelter. Whether it's a barn or lean-to, horses need a place to escape frigid wind and cold temperatures. Blankets can also help keep horses warm against the elements.

  • Keep Water Fresh and Thawed: Outdoor pets need fresh water. Be sure to check on their water bowls throughout the day and replace dirty or frozen water. For large stock tanks, consider a water heater/de-icer to prevent water from freezing.

  • Wipe Down Paws: If pets are exposed to rock salt or snow melting chemicals, be sure to wipe off their paws. Licking these chemicals could be poisonous.

  • Provide Extra Food: When trying to keep warm, pets burn extra energy. By providing extra calories, your pet will have the nutrients they need to keep warm.


Leggett Town and Country offers many of the supplies you need to protect your pets from the elements. Give us a call at 434-797-9300 if you have any questions about our products:

  • Wood Shavings and Straw: Provides warmth in dog houses

  • Heat Lamps: Keeps pets warm during frigid temperatures

  • Horse Blankets: To protect horses against the cold and wind

  • Dog Beds: To provide a warm indoor space for pets

  • Water De-Icers: Heating elements to keep stock tanks from freezing

  • Pet Feed: We offer a huge selection of feed for indoor pets, horses, chickens, and livestock

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