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This multi-species spray provides powerful protection that's safe, effective and economical. It helps protect horses and livestock from horse flies, horn flies, face flies, house flies, stable flies, deer flies, mosquitoes, and gnats. It also controls fleas and ticks on dogs for 35 days.

Durvet FlyRID Plus Multipurpose Spray - 1 Quart

SKU: 1500400
    • 1-Quart spray bottle only (gallon sold separately)
    • Multi-species, multi-purpose insect control spray
    • Provides powerful yet safe protection against harmful pests
    • Ready-to-use permethrin product is for use directly on animals (horses, dogs, goats, sheep, hogs, beef and dairy cattle), their premises (barns, stables, pet beds, porches, poultry premise sites, garages, etc.) as well as other indoor/outdoor applications


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