Horses need nutritional balance that cannot be received by foraging alone. This concentrated pellet provides the proper balance of protein, vitamins and minerals your horse needs, without unnecessary calories. It can be fed as a horse’s sole ration along with quality hay or pasture. 

Purina Enrich Plus Ration Balancing Horse Feed - 50 lb. bag

    • Formulated by PhD Equine Nutritionists to provide necessary nutrition without excess calories to prevent weight gain
    • A concentrated formula provides required nutrition without excess calories
    • Designed to be fed with hay or pasture
    • Corn-free and oat-free
    • Formulated with no grain, low starch and sugar
    • Best suited for easy keepers who maintain body weight on hay or pasture alone; young growing hourses that may require concentrated nutrition to support growth; stallions and early gestation mares that may need a more concetrated source of nutrition; working horses that may need protein, vitamin and mineral supplement