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This naturally derived formula helps exfoliate, moisturize and condition your pet's skin and coat to help soothe dry, itchy and irritated skin. 

Tropiclean Medicated Itch Relief Pet Shampoo

SKU: 645095202160
    • Oatmeal and Tea Tree scent
    • Exfoliates, moisturizes and conditions skin and coat
    • Effectively soothes dry, itchy and irritated skin
    • Soap-free - will not affect spot-on flea and tick treatment
    • Bottle made from 50% recycled material
    • 20 FL OZ / 592 mL
  • Purified water, mild coconut cleanser, avena sativa oatmeal, natural salicylic acid, organic blend of (chamomile extract, aloe extract, pomegranate extract, kiwi extract, yucca extract, papaya extract), hydrolyzed plant protein, fragrance, vitamin E, tea tree.


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